Argos Monitoring 1.65

Secretly track keystrokes and other activity on one or more computers

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    8.6 (182)

Argos Monitoring is an application designed to track keystrokes and other actions without making the user aware of what is happening. The program allows a user to monitor most of the major actions a person takes when using a particular system. It is intended to be used to monitor work computers or even home computers that children might use on a daily basis. Argos Monitoring is not a free application, though it does have a limited seven-day trial period. The program needs to be purchased after this time in order to continue functioning. The application downloads quickly and installs in a few seconds, although it can require more than 200 megabytes of disk space for complete monitoring.

One of the unique features of Argos Monitoring is that it is designed to be installed and run in secret. The application actually vanishes after it is installed and the computer is rebooted. The program does not even appear in the control panel list of installed applications. Users must choose a password during the installation process. The only way to access Argos Monitoring is to type in this password from any location while the computer is running. Typing in the password opens Argos Monitoring right away.

The interface for Argos Monitoring is very simple to use. There are four main screens. These are the status, settings, recorded logs and purchasing options screens. Status allows users to choose what type of logging to perform. The options are keystrokes, websites and screen shots. The settings panels allows users to change the password, automatically delete older files and limit the maximum amount of disk space that can be used. The logs panel allows users to review recorded information. The purchasing panel makes it possible to buy the program when the trial period ends.

The most interesting part of Argos Monitoring is the way logs are recorded and reviewed. Logs are saved by date and users can choose a date to review the logs from that day. If all logging options are selected, then users can actually watch the recorded data and screen shots like a movie. A screen shot is taken every few seconds. A box on the side shows any characters that are typed from the keyboard. There is also a log of what websites are opened through a browser. Every bit of information is recorded. One of the only drawbacks to this system is that the screen shots do not record everything. They leave gaps where certain activities could be missed.

The entire application is very simple to use and requires no expertise. he interface and playback modes are all self-explanatory and do not involve complex technical options. Users can save the logs for later. A drawback is that losing the password to the program means it will become impossible to open, modify, uninstall or view the logs created by Argos Monitoring. Argos Monitoring is a good choice for anyone who needs to monitor what people are doing on a specific computer or laptop.


  • Runs in a completely hidden mode
  • Screen shot playback is convenient
  • Logs everything


  • Forgetting the password makes the program inaccessible
  • Screen shots are recorded slowly at times

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